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  • Artist : Zaki Hadri - Yang Tertinggal (Malaysia) Artist : Zaki Hadri - Yang Tertinggal (Malaysia)

Artist : Zaki Hadri - Bukit Bintang (Malaysia)


Artist : Zaki Hadri - Stereoscopy (Malaysia)

Artist : Zaki Hadri - Yang Tertinggal (Malaysia)

Measurement: 53.3cm x 78.7cm

Quick Overview

Title : Yang Tertinggal
Medium : Arcylic on Canvas
Year : 2016


Title : Yang Tertinggal Colonial British Administrators gazetted Kampung Baru as a Malay agricultural settlement in 1900 to allow the malays to retain their village lifestyle within the city. Since then Kampung Baru has held out against development and modern city living turning it into a political symbol of malay culture. The area held special place for malay politics during the pro-independence movement that grew up after World War II. Anti-colonial protest were held there and founders of Malaysia's dominant political party, the United Malays National Organization held their early meetings there. Medium : Arcylic on canvas Year : 2016

Additional Information

Measurement 53.3cm x 78.7cm
Price RM4,000.00