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Zaki Hadri

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Zaki Hadri

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  1. Artist : Zaki Hadri - Scenery Sengigi (Malaysia)

    Title : Scenery Sengigi Medium : Acrylic on Canvas Year : 2016
  2. Artist : Zaki Hadri - Blue Zone (Malaysia)

    Title : Blue Zone - KL 'Liar' Series Medium : Painting on Canvas Year : 2016
  3. Artist : Zaki Hadri - Bukit Bintang (Malaysia)

    Title : Bukit Bintang Medium : Acrylic on Canvas Year : 2016
  4. Artist : Zaki Hadri - Yang Tertinggal (Malaysia)

    Title : Yang Tertinggal Medium : Arcylic on Canvas Year : 2016
  5. Artist : Zaki Hadri - Stereoscopy (Malaysia)

    Title : Stereoscopy Year : 2016 Medium : Mix media, acrylic on canvas
  6. Artist : Zaki Hadri - Hujan di siang hari (Malaysia)

    Title : Hujan di siang hari Medium : Arcylic on canvas Year : 2015
  7. Artist : Zaki Hadri - Teratak (Old House) - Malaysia

    Teratak (old house) being so closed to the commercial heart of KL, the residents of Kampung Baru find themselves sitting on a potential gold mine as this is prime development land. Turning into the side street, found chickens scratching around in the gardens of traditional malay style kampung houses. The area is a mixture of old wooden house, some newer concrete ones (but still only one or two stories) food stalls, simple shop and so on.
  8. Artist : Zaki Hadri - Denai Kampung Air Panas (Malaysia)

    Title : Denai Kampung Air Panas Medium : Acrylic on Canvas Year : 2015
  9. Artist : Zaki Hadri - Semarak (Malaysia)

    Formerly Jalan Semarak and firstly Jalan Henry Gurney is a main place in Kuala Lumpur. The Royal Malaysian Police Academy (Pulapol) and Ministry of Defense Headquarters (Sri Pahlawan) is located here.
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9 Item(s)